Areas of research at the GROW laboratory


Eye disease (Keratoconus, Retinoblastoma, glaucoma, retinal dystrophies, diabetic retinopathy, AMD)

Genetics (mutational screening, exome analysis, etc.)

Signal transduction, gene expression analysis, biochemistry

In vitro modeling, gene manipulation (siRNA/Overexpression)

Inflammation and immunology, cytokine assays, CBA array

Proteomics: tear proteomics is a focus; Aqueous and vitreous.


Role of Telomerase in cancers and haematopoietic cells

DNA damage repair signaling, cell cycle role and regulation of inflammation by telomeric protein Rap1 in human cancers.

Suicide gene therapy for cancers.


Investigating EMT pathways in fibrosis

Wnt and TGF-Beta signaling in oral fibrosis and oral cancer.

Wound healing

Understanding NFkB and TGFb signal cross talk during wound healing

Effect of drugs (MMC, CyA, etc) and ligands in the healing process

Cell cycle deregulation during healing upon treatment with different agents

Gene therapy (virus vectors)

Development of recombinant AAV split gene vectors for retinal dystrophies

Comparative analysis of expression cassette designs.

Lentiviral vector development for overexpression or shRNA constructs for biochemistry assays and cancer treatment applications.

Training Programs in GROW lab:

S. no
Training in
Who is eligible
Different techniques :

  • Cell culture
  • RNA extraction, PCR, qPCR
  • FACs
  • Cloning
  • Western blots
1 week
1-2 weeks
1 week
1 week
1 week
1 week
Basic science students, Masters students, B.Tech or M.Tech, PhD students
Summer Project
2-3 months
Bachelor or Master of science students, Biotechnology, BE Biotech students
Master’s thesis Project
3 months
Same as above
Master’s thesis Project
6 months
Same as above
Master’s thesis Project
1 year
Same as above
Volunteer work

Same as above


The training programs are charged as per the techniques and duration of projects. The eligible candidates will be selected based on their C.V, interview and their expression of interests. 

For further details please contact   or 080 66660712.

Application procedure:

Please send the following details to

  • C.V with a photo attached
  • A write-up of your interests and for choosing GROW laboratory
  • Letter from college.