Dr. Abhijit Sinha Roy
Director, Imaging, Biomechanics and Mathematical Modeling Solutions

Dr. Abhijit Sinha Roy

Director, Imaging, Biomechanics and Mathematical Modeling Solutions

Narayana Nethralaya, Narayana Health city,

# 258/A, Bommasandra Hosur road,

Bangalore 560 099

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Email asroy@narayananethralaya.com
Phone +91-9740566833

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Dr. Abhijit Sinha Roy completed his master's (MS) in mechanical engineering and received doctoral degree specializing in "Cardiovascular Bioengineering" from University of Cincinnati, USA. He completed post-doctoral fellowship from Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute, USA and worked as senior research associate. His interests are mainly in the fields of  soft tissue biomechanics and diagnostic optical imaging. He has developed novel biomechanical models for patient-specific 3-D characterization of corneal biomechanics both in response to surgery and under disease conditions. These models were the first to describe that surgery can alter the biomechanical condition of the cornea in addition to removal to tissue. His paper on the biomechanics of keratoconus and the effect of different ultraviolet beam profiles on simulated crosslinking formed the basis of cone location specific crosslinking, which is now marketed by leading USA medical device company (Avedro Inc., USA). Recently, he developed simulation based inverse finite element methods that can characterize the biomechanical properties of the cornea from in vivo measurements of topography and corneal deformation. He was also involved in the development of novel application of optical coherence tomography for corneal elastography. In subsequent studies, elastography was shown to be a sensitive quantifier of corneal biomechanical changes after crosslinking and in edematous corneas.

He has an active translational research program. Presently, he has 4 active research grants both from federal and industry sponsors. Recently, he was awarded the prestigious Indo-German Science and Technology award for a novel project on corneal biomechanics as a principal investigator. His publication record includes several papers in leading scientific journals including Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, Journal of Refractive Surgery, Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, American Journal of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology and Journal of Biomechanics. He is presently considered as a leading authority in the field of ocular biomechanics.


Title of Invention: Whole-Eye Computational Model of the Eye, Patent No: 12/429,149, Publish Date: August 27th, 2012.

Title of Invention: Application of intraoperative tomographic image analysis for ophthalmic surgical planning, Filed by Narayana Nethralaya Foundation, 2015.

Title of Invention: Quantification of Bowman's layer for diagnosis of disease and prognosis of treatments in the human cornea, Filed by Narayana Nethralaya Foundation, 2015.

Research Support


2015-2018; PI, Indo-German Science and Technology Center, Next-generation dynamic Scheimpflug imaging and biomechanical analytics for in vivo quantification of corneal viscoelasticity : This project will develop next generation Scheimpflug based air-puff technology for fast and accurate acquisition of corneal deformation characteristics.

2015-2017; PI, Carl Zeiss, Comparison of longitudinal biomechanical changes in cornea after femtosecond LASIK and SMILE : The goal of this proposal is to characterize longitudinal biomechanical changes after bilateral LASIK and SMILE with similar refraction and corneal tomography

2015-2017; PI, Bioptigen, Intra-operative keratometry using high speed intra-operative optical coherence tomography : The major goal of this project is to develop real-time in vivo corneal tomography for applications in intra-operative surgical planning. 

2016-2018; PI, Abbott Medical Optics, Comparison of next generation refractive treatments: iDesign vs. SMILE : The major goal of this projects is to compare prospectively the aberrometric and optical quality of vision of patients undergoing refractive treatment on two different laser platforms. 

2011-2012; Topcon, Inverse estimation of material property changes following collagen cross-linking : The goal of this project was to develop an inverse finite element algorithm to estimate stiffening of corneal tissue after collagen crosslinking 

2011-2012; Carl Zeiss, Biomechanical comparison of LASIK and SMILE procedures : The goal of this project was to assess biomechanical redistribution of stress in the flap/cap region of the stroma after LASIK and SMILE using a custom ablation algorithm.


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